The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund assists neighbourhood organizations representing residents and other local interests, in strengthening local capacity and revitalizing designated urban neighbours through a broad range of locally planned and supported initiatives.

The designed neighbourhoods are communities experiencing significant social, economic and environmental challenges such as a high rate of poverty, unemployment and crime as well as a lack of adequate recreation, family support, affordable housing and economic opportunities.

Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation (SCRC) is available to assist with any applications for the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NFR). Organizations are encouraged to submit their proposals to SCRC for review at least 30 days in advance of submitting them to Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!). We will work with you to strengthen your proposal by ensuring that your project meets the priorities in our community and contains all required information. NA! Intake dates are March 1st for projects beginning between July 1st - December 30th and October 1st for projects beginning between January 1st - June 30th.

For more information on Neighbourhoods Alive!  and the Neighbourhood Renewal Funds including types of projects funded, proposal guidelines and intake dates please visit the Neighbourhoods Alive! website: