Legally incorporated in December of 2008 the Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation (SCRC) is a non-profit organization governed by a six-member Board of Directors.

The SCRC accepts and reviews requests from local, non-profit organizations towards the Small Grants Program. Funding is based on the priorities of the Community Plan.

The Community Plan:

The SCRC began as the Interim Advisory Committee (IAC)  the mandate of the IAC was to advise NA! on revitalization priorities for the community and develop a 5-year renewal plan through community consultation.

The priorities included in the plan are youth, crime/safety, housing, public transportation, Manitoba Avenue East and economic development and goals were set for each priority.

2019/2020 Annual Action Plan

2019-2020 NRC Annual Action Plan.pdf

2017-2022 Neighbourhood Renewal Plan

5 Year Neighbourhood Renewal Plan 2017-2022.pdf